Simple-RPG Description & Premise

Simple-RPG (or Snap!) is designed to permit a storyteller to weave a tale with as few as one player or as many as he can handle, without any cumbersome mechanic, or piles of skills to track, or munchkin-y levels to achieve. A character in Simple-RPG is a pile of basic and broad-category skills with a lot of detail filled-in by the player. The game is designed for players who enjoy interactive storytelling, that can method-act, or come up with details on the spot.

Background elements and personality take the forefront in this system, rather than hit points or magical energy pools. Everyone is born equal, and improvement is slight, applying only to skill bumps from usage.

Simple-RPG is designed so that you can create a character in under five minutes, and role-play a personality, rather than spend countless hours making something that is fine-tuned for a highly-detailed and extravagant RPG system. It is in complete contrast to the Zoria RPG and Epiphany RPG, gaming systemns, and is as plain-Jane as can be, chucking aside nasty impediments like rules and frameworks in favour of the simple joy of the game.

It really is As Easy as 1-2-3d6!

Digital (eBook / PDF) copies of Simple-RPG are now avilablefrom select retailers. Please follow the links below for more information. Printed copies will be available for sale on-line, or at selected retailers in the near future, bundled with three Gamescience six-sided precision-edge dice!

Downloadable Files:
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  Simple-RPG System at PROOF (5.3MB PDF)
New: This is the latest available release as of 18th October 2012.
Note: The document version also includex an appendix with the latest character-record sheet, so that you will always have them handy. You may still wish to download the separate PDF versions of the character record sheet as well, so that you can print it easily and readily.

  Supplement: Simple-RPG Character Record Sheet (54KB PDF)
Note: This character sheet is included in the Simple-RPG System manual, but we present it here in case you want it as a solo file.

  Playtesters & Reviewers: Join The Mages' Guild BBS for complimentary copies of Simple-RPG. Thank you for your interest in the Simple-RPG System.

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